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Evening Sheep by Diane Ulmer Pedersen

Title: Evening Sheep
By: Diane Ulmer Pedersen
Size: 8 1/4" x 10 1/4" with about 170 average-size pieces

a custom cut puzzle

In our example puzzle, we decided the sheep was definitely thinking as it gazed at the moon. It might be counting sheep, as humans do, or it might be a fanciful night when some of its cousins actually try to jump over the moon. The customer, who ordered this puzzle, told us music was one of her hobbies so musical notes naturally fit into the theme. The lamb and woodland creatures she requested and our signature piece completed the figurals for the puzzle.

We gave the puzzle a loose, wavy edge and used a continuous heart cutting style. As it turned out, the style actually enhances the twinkly stars.

The puzzle is made from special high-grade mahogany plywood and hand-finished with multiple coats of oil and shellac. We make the back as nice to look at and touch as the front.

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