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Puzzles of Kathy Cooney's Work

Kathy has a series of works freaturing Kokopelli. This particular one is entitled "Kokopelli's Serenade". It has a magical atmosphere of a crisp, clear western night. One could almost hear the haunting refrains from his flute echoing off the canyons. This puzzle is available in two styles.

The first is a more traditional style with straight edges. The regions are color-line-cut to make it a little more difficult and there are some disguised edge pieces or interior pieces that look like edges to fool you.

The second style looks like a worn, fragmented scroll with a completely irregular edge and confusing dropouts so that you never know what pieces go where. There is also some double cutting in the border, so you just might put together a border that won't fit.

The cutting style shown in both examples is the continuous heart, although you can request a different cutting style when you order this puzzle. Check out Customizing Your Puzzle to learn more options.

The figurals were specially designed to complement this image. There is a wolf spirit howling in the moon next to a Kokopelli constellation in the sky. An answering wolf is in the hills along with a mountain lion, a bear, a sacred white buffalo and a galloping wild stallion. Even a jack rabbit and lizard are mesmerized by Kokopelli's Serenade.

Title: Kokopelli's Serenade
By: Kathy Cooney
Size: 7" x 24" with approximately 340 average-sized pieces
(Blue areas are not part of puzzle. The two figurals are only about 1 inch high and are shown larger than they are with respect to the puzzle.)

a custom cut puzzle

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