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Cape May by William Dawson

This is a nice large print of the Cape May light house around the 1900's. There are almost 500 pieces in this one, enough to keep you busy on a winter's day, or when you're vacationing away from it all. There are quite a few figurals in the puzzle, everything you might find at the beach and then some.

Title: Cape May by William Dawson
Edge Style: Scalloped (but of course!)
Size: 15.75" x 12" with approximately 380 average-sized pieces

a custom cut puzzle

The puzzle shown is made from 1/4 inch solid, 5-ply cherry plywood with a poplar interior. "Solid" plywood has no "voids" (defects) in the interior plywood layers. Poplar is a firm, but not too hard wood and makes an excellent backing. The cherry has a beautiful rich, dark grain and color that contrasts with the lighter interior layers of wood. We hand finish all our puzzles with oil and shellac so that they feel great and are as nice to look at on the back as the front.

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