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Contest II by Emily Johnson

You might get lost in a blizzard with this puzzle. We have made a specially sculpted edge and used a continuous round knob cutting style that actually looks a little like large round falling snowflakes. The result is that the puzzle is very difficult to put together. Emily uses very bright, cheerful colors but even then, a piece with purple may not belong with other purple pieces.

This print and puzzle is sold out! However, Emily does have a new print of children playing in the snow entitled "Contest III". You can order a custom cut puzzle from it or any of her other lovely prints.

Title: Contest II By Emily Johnson
Size: 16.5" x 10.25" with 375 average-size pieces
Number of Figurals: 17
Cutting Style: Continuous Knob

a custom cut puzzle (from Contest III similar to this print)

The cutting style can be seen in the close-up below.

We cut special figures into this puzzle including lots of children playing in the snow.

The puzzle is made from 5 ply void-free (no interior defects) cherry plywood with poplar core. As with all our puzzles, the back is finished the old-fashioned way with multiple coats of hand-rubbed oil and shellac. The back of the puzzle is as nice to look at as the front.

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