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Two Ladies on a Stroll

This puzzle may be VERY hard. We have double cut eight sections of the puzzle which means that there are lots of pieces (about 50) that will go in the wrong spot. You can see we cut the continuous heart style down each side of the border patterns in the picture. You can end up with some interior border pieces, some edge pieces, and more interior pieces if you are not careful. We have not tried to assemble this from scratch. As we cut sections, we put them together and very carefully made sure we had them all in the right spot.

We have partially color-line-cut the figures in the interior of the puzzle. The ladies' dresses interlock but have only a few knobs. The same is true for parts of the horse and gentlemen.

Title: Two Ladies on a Stroll
Size: 13.75" x 10.25" with approximately 260 average-sized pieces.
a custom cut puzzle

Some of the pieces in the detailed picture below will fit in two places.

The puzzle is made from 5 ply void-free (no interior defects) walnut plywood with poplar core. As with all our puzzles, the back is finished the old-fashioned way with multiple coats of hand-rubbed oil and shellac. The back of the puzzle is as nice to look at as the front.

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