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Iris Hispanica

This puzzle is made from a reproduction of a Mayflower Seed 1900 Chromolithograph. The original print was made using multiple printing passes, each with a different color ink. The colors are preserved beautifully and the color in the reproduction is vibrant.

For the example puzzle, we cut along the edge of each flower to give the puzzle a very irregular border. But on the larger size, we don't stop at that. We cut out all of the interior background as well. That's over 30 dropouts . In this puzzle, almost all of the pieces are edge pieces of a sort. However, it's not easy at all to tell just how they fit together. This puzzle is one of our most beautiful and most difficult.

Title: Iris Hispanica
By: H. M. Wall
Cutting Style: Continuous Heart
Edge Style: Totally irregular edges following iris
(Note: on the smaller size, the interior background is not cut out. See the picture below.)

Size: 8.5" x 12" with approximately 160 average-sized pieces (portion shown below)
Size: 10.5" x 15.5" with approximately 250 average-sized pieces (shown above)

a custom cut puzzle

As with most of our puzzles, we've included a number of figurals. Whenever possible we try to make the figurals look interesting or to place them in interesting areas of the picture. Here you can see the almost symmetrically colored yellow butterfly and the parrot that looks like a feather.

All of our puzzles are made from custom grade 1/4 inch plywoods of either Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut. The cut puzzle is inspected and assembled and finished the old-fashioned way with multiple coats of hand-rubbed oil and shellac. The back of the puzzle is as nice to look at as the front. We then disassemble your puzzle and ship it to you in a strong, sturdy white puzzle box that is hand labeled with the title, date, piece count and size.

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