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Otahiete Orange

This is another of our very special chromolithographs from the 1890's Childe's Seed catalogs. (A chromolithograph was a special print process used from about the mid 1800's to the early 1920's where each color was laid with a run of the press. As a result, the colors are very bright and well preserved.) It's called Otahiete Orange. We put a special irregular border on the print and cut it using our new "curls and knobs" style. That style has some pattern sequences that blend nicely with the edges of the blossoms to keep you guessing where the edges are.

Title: Otahiete Orange by H. M. Wall
Edge Style: Highly Irregular
Cutting Style: Curls and Knobs
Type of Wood: Mahogany
Size: 10.5" x 15" with approximately 280 average-sized pieces

a custom cut puzzle

The example puzzle shown was a special order. The custom said "lots of cats, and some flowers and fruits". This is what we came up with. When you order a puzzle from us, you can specify special figural pieces, a cutting style and more. Check out our Customizing your Puzzle page.

The puzzle shown is made from top, custom-grade 1/4 inch mahogany plywood. We hand finish all our puzzles with oil and shellac so that they feel great and are as nice to look at from the back as from the front.

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