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Wind Watcher by Colleen Sgroi

This example puzzle was donated to the WGBH 2's collection.

Wind Watcher is a wonderful picture for a puzzle. It is colorful, has lots of detail, and has clearly defined sections for everyone to put together. The puzzle comes in three sizes. The following pictures are of the largest size puzzle which has been donated to the Channel 2 (WGBH public television) auction this summer. Stay tuned for how you can bid on it for a really good cause.

Title: Wind Watcher
By: Colleen Sgroi
Size: 8" x 6" with approximately 100 average-sized pieces
Size: 15" x 12" with approximately 360 average-sized pieces
Size: 21" x 17" with approximately 720 average-sized pieces

a custom cut puzzle

For our example puzzle, we have made two mini-puzzles within the main puzzles: the car and the house.

Each is self contained within the larger puzzle. There are also some smaller multi-piece figurals like the wind-watcher mermaid and angel. The puzzle contains some other figurals, some are the objects within the puzzle like the spotted dog, the black dog, the fish and the whale. Some are placed either strategically to add to the puzzle like the girl running to join the other children, the boy doing a cartwheel, or the bird in the sky. Some are placed create a pretty puzzle piece like the maple tree or the butterfly or the brown cat. Of course you could say the butterfly piece is both placed in the right spot and is pretty. We always look for way to add special touches to our puzzles.

We haven't forgotten to make this puzzle a challenge either. There are numerous double cut sections where pieces will fit very nicely in two places. If you're not careful, the house could end up without a door and roof!

This puzzle was made with the highest quality mahogany plywood. As with all our puzzles, the back was sanded and hand-finished with multiple coats of oil and Shellac to bring out the rich beauty of the wood and give the pieces a nice texture. The back is as lovely to look at as the front.

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