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Will You Marry Me?

I have been delighted to create some very romantic and special heirloom puzzles that contain a marriage proposal. Each is unique and is a result of what the proposer has in mind. the first example is from a photo of the couple at a wedding. The couple look great, but as you can see, there is a lot of background that distracts from the image.

For this proposal puzzle, I surrounded the couple with a soft burgundy backdrop, which was their favorite color, and created a sculpted shaped puzzle.

It has a special ring figural with the words "Will you marry me Laurita?" around the band of the ring. Luis held this piece back as she finished the puzzle. He then popped the question and got a yes!

Sean had something completely different in mind. He had written a lovely poem and needed the right image to make the puzzle. The photo he sent me was too contrasty. It need to be lightened in some areas and darkened in others. Once that was done, the poem was set to the align with the steps to suggest a path their lives would follow. Sean requested their initials, the date they met and praying hands as some of his figurals.
Amanda also said yes.

Thank you Luis and Sean for letting me share your very special puzzles.

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