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Wreath of Music

This is the first Jardin Puzzle exclusive design. The image is actually composed of two different patterns of Japanese washi paper that are sectioned together. The colors are very bright, red, yellow and gold and black. (Your screen will only show a gold-like color because computer monitors do not display the full color space.)

The puzzle can be assembled in a number of ways, but only two of which form recognizable shapes. The main shape is the Wreath. The second shape is a dragon kite.

The figurals for the wreath are all musical instruments except for our signature piece. Our signature piece is special version of our stylized iris and will only be used on limited edition puzzles. The signature piece is signed, numbered and dated on the back.

Most of our puzzles come in sturdy white boxes. This puzzle comes in it's own custom-made wooden box. It can be kept unassembled, or stored assembled in the wreath shape.

This is truely a limited edition. There will only be 24 of these puzzles made. Each comes with its certificate of authenticity and the special signature piece mentioned above.

This puzzle is 13" wide and 12" height. It contains about 150 pieces. Puzzle and custom wooden box is available for a limited time for $450. Email us if you'd like to reserve one. Delivery is usually 4 weeks.

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