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Customize Picture Puzzle Form

Use this form if you would like a puzzle from your own artwork or photo. If you have a favorite print that you didn't see in our gallery, we can probably get it for you through one of our many art dealers.

Our form only initiates the ordering process. In addition to contact information, we ask you to be as specific as possible on how you would like your puzzle cut. We like to be creative, so there are quite a few options that can be overwhelming if this is your first custom-cut puzzle. Aside from how to contact you, we really only need the name and approximate size of your puzzle. Our next step is to contact you and verify all the details.

We try to acknowledge all email within 24 hours to verify your order, calculate your actual cost, (the form only gives you a ballpark figure) and let you know approximately how long your puzzle will take to create. Because each of our puzzles is hand-cut, it will typically take two to three weeks from when we receive payment and the artwork until the finished puzzle is ready to ship to you. Allow an additional week for puzzles over 200 pieces. The time is longer for holidays, so it is best to order early.

We currently accept checks, money orders, or PayPal and begin your puzzle as soon as we receive payment and have the picture.


Work Phone: Home Phone:


What is the best way of contacting you (email, phone with available times, etc.)


City, State and Zip Code:

Country (if not USA):

Please check here for Massachusetts Residents

Shipping Address (if different from above)


City, State and Zip Code:

Country (if not USA):

Name or brief description of picture:

Size to the nearest quarter inch or whole centimeter,
(please use decimal points, for example 5 1/4 is 5.25):
Width: x Height:

Want a specially shaped puzzle or non-straight edges or color-line-cut edges? Please describe:

Predominate Cutting style:

Size of pieces (per square inch):
1.0 Large, easier to assemble, 1 or less pieces per square inch
1.5 Somewhat large, good for a novice assembler
2.0 Medium, the usual cut in most of our example puzzles
2.5 Small, pieces will be tiny, intricate and a challenge to assemble
3.0 Very Small, puzzle will be difficult to assemble, and may not be fully interlocking, good for push fit style
(Note: If you would like an exact number of pieces, for example 100, just tell us in the "Any Other Comments" section below.)

Color line cutting: Yes No
If yes please state whether you prefer interlock vs strict color-line- cutting):

Want to specify figurals, names or initials,etc.? How Many:
Please describe:

Include some tricks like disguised edge and corner pieces, interior fake edges and corners: Yes add tricks No

Any Other Comments?

the approximate cost or this form to start over.
Base Cost:
Additional figurals:
Mass. sales tax:
Shipping & Handling: (FedEX Express Saver 3 day service including insurance)

We will be sending you an email acknowledgement of your order, usually within 24 hours. Actual cost will be computed when we receive your order and confirm all your puzzle specifications. For multiple orders, we will combine shipping costs for all puzzles going to the same address. The savings is not reflected in this form but will be in your confirmation.

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