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Order and Pricing Information

We have three types of orders depending on whether you would like a puzzle that is already cut (Ready-to-go), a customized puzzle from artwork we supply or a customized puzzle from artwork you supply to us. Our pricing and shipping information is given below.

Ready-to-go Puzzles

From time to time, and especially for the holidays, we will feature puzzles that are already cut and available for shipment as soon as we receive payment. Click here or send us an email for a complete list of currently available Ready-to-go puzzles. (We accept checks, money orders, or credit cards over the Internet using Paypal.)

Customized Puzzles from our Gallery

You can choose one of our gallery prints and have a customized puzzle cut to your specifications. You can choose the type of edge, the type of cut, the size of the pieces, and special figural pieces like initials, names, pets, hobbies and more. Go to our Customizing your Puzzle section for more information about customizing your puzzle. To order a customized puzzle, select the order button located on each of our detailed puzzle pages, fill out the information requested in our order form and submit it to us. You can get to the detail pages by starting at our gallery page and browsing down to the puzzle of interest. After we receive your order, we will contact you to verify your information, determine your final cost, payment method, and let you know when your puzzle will be ready to ship.

(Note: Your privacy is important. We are the sole users of any information gathered in our ordering form, it is not shared in any way. )

Custom Picture Puzzles

If you have a print, photo or other artwork in mind, we can make a puzzle out of it. We can do 35 mm slides or negatives, digital images, or scan your photograph and make a copy for the puzzle, returning the original to you. If you would like a print not found in our gallery, we can probably get it for you from the many art publishers we deal with. For more information on making a puzzle from your artwork, see our Puzzles from Your Pictures page. You can customize your puzzle in the same way you customize a gallery puzzle. To order, just use our custom art form. When we receive the form, we will contact you to verify your information, determine your final cost, and let you know when your puzzle will be ready to ship. See our form for more details.

Pricing Information.

For regular single sided puzzles:

We charge $1.25 per piece and include 1 free figural piece per 30 regular pieces (or two free figurals for puzzles smaller than 60 pieces, space permitting). Extra figurals cost $5.00 per figural, and if your puzzle requires extensive color-line-cutting or a complex edge pattern, we may have to charge a modest additional fee on a per puzzle basis.

The chart below gives a rough idea of the base price of a puzzle for standard print sizes with different size pieces.

Common print sizes

Large Pieces about 1 per Square Inch

Medium Pieces about 2 per Square Inch

Small Pieces about 3 per Square Inch

5"x7" (35 Square Inches)

35 pieces / $52

70 pieces / $87

105 pieces / $130

8"x10" (80 Square Inches)

80 pieces / $100.

160 pieces / $200

240 pieces / $300

11"x14" (154 Square Inches)

154 pieces / $190

308 pieces / $385

462 pieces / $575

16"x20" (320 Square Inches)

320 pieces / $400

640 pieces / $800

960 pieces / $1200

For our double-sided puzzles:

Because of the extra work and cost involved, we charge $1.75 per piece for these special puzzles. All other costs are the same as for single-sided puzzles.

Image Processing Costs.

For up to an 8x10 size reproduction of a photo or electronic image, the cost is $15. This will include minor cleanup such as removal of "red eyes", scratches or spots. For up to 12x17 the cost is $25. Artwork reproduction for sizes larger than 12x17 is quoted on a per puzzle basis.

For more extensive image processing such as generating backgrounds, removal of objects or making a collage, we quote on a per puzzle basis based on our time estimate of the work.

Shipping Information.

Unless otherwise requested, all puzzles are shipped via "Federal Express Saver (3 Day Service)" service for destinations within the United States. For puzzles up to 80 square inches (approximately 8"x10"), shipping and handling is roughly $15. Add $2 for each additional 80 square inches. For example, an 11"x14" inch puzzle is 154 square inches and would cost $15 plus $2 for a total of $17. Insurance is included in the fee. Actual shipping costs are computed at the time of your order as part of your quote.

For international orders, shipping will be quoted on a per puzzle and country basis.

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