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Puzzles From Your Pictures

Almost anything makes a good picture for a puzzle. In addition to art prints, posters and photographs, there are great pictures in calendars, greeting cards and even books and magazines. We can make a puzzle from any of these. We even handle 35mm slides and negatives and can do image processing on your photos. We can easily take out "red eyes", scratches or spots, lighten or darken all or parts of a picture and adjust coloring. We do involved work where we can take out unwanted background objects like wires and telephone poles, or even create a background so that a snapshot of a person looks like a studio photograph. Finally, we can take multiple images and design a collage for you from the images you send us. For example, a wedding puzzle of wedding pictures, the invitation and pictures from the honeymoon or an anniversary puzzle with pictures of the couple's years together, or a family tree puzzle with pictures of all the family members.

We went from this

and this

to this. Click here to read about it.
We took the snapshot on the left and created a background similar to those used in studios for a this proposal puzzle on the right. Click here to read about it.

If you don't have a specific picture in mind, you can check out the gallery for available prints, or let us know what you like and we may have something. Not all our images go in the gallery, although we are adding to it weekly.

The puzzle doesn't have to be rectangular. Each of the puzzles on this page has a unique shape too. We design puzzles shaped like an oval, circle, star, etc. or give them an edge pattern. Sometimes we cut along a boundary of the things in the picture (called color-line-cutting). Our gallery has examples of these features and our Customize your Puzzle page shows how you can customize the shape, style, special pieces and more for your puzzle.



Puzzle Sizes

The size of fully interlocking puzzles is limited by the armature of the saw. Typically the size is no larger than 16"x20" (24cm x 50cm). We can do longer puzzles if the width is thinner, for example 8"x30" or much larger puzzles if they are first cut in sections that follow this guidelines. In order to turn the wood to create interlocking pieces, the distance from the midpoint of the longest side to the opposite corner must be less than 20"(50cm).

Midpoint of the longest side

This distance must be no longer than 20" (50 cm)

If you are unsure, when you input your order, a warning will pop up when you select the calculate button if we think we may have a problem with the size. (You can input the measurements of your puzzle and select the calculate button to check without actually sending us an order.)

While we have no limit as to how small to make the puzzle, 3"x5" is probably the smallest for an interesting puzzle.

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