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New Double-sided Puzzles

We now offer a new line of double-sided puzzles. Double-sided puzzles are not new. Some of the earliest map puzzles had the map of the United States on one side and the map of the world on the other. However, most modern cutters do not offer double-sided puzzles because cutting them with the smallest blades available can leave a "burr" on the underside. The only blades that are designed not to burr leave a wide cut so the puzzle does not tightly interlock. We have found a way to avoid the "burr" problem and can now offer double-sided puzzles of any of our same-sized prints. We've done an example puzzle from two of Diane Ulmer Pedersen's prints that is shown below. Some other prints we suggest can be found at Diane Pedersen's images, Deirdre Grunwald images, or Colleen Sgroi's images, or come up with your own from any prints that are the same size!

If you would like to order this puzzle or another double sided puzzle, either email us at melinda@jardinpuzzles.com or call us at (978) 897-3499. (Note: Because our double sided puzzles require more work and time the cost per piece is higher. See our order and pricing page for more information.)

Title: Rooster and Hen
By: Diane Ulmer Pedersen
Size: 7 3/4" x 7 3/4" (other sizes of these prints available)

Our example puzzle, contains a barnyard menagerie of delicately cut figurals.

We did manage to sign the signature piece, but we had to do it on the edge. It is also numbered dated on the other edge.

(three views of the signature piece)

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